February 2020 Minutes

Meeting Notes from February 8, 2020

The meeting started with Morning Prayer lead by Joyce Brooks. Mass followed with a loving homily by Fr Ivan Monterio, OCD. The homily spoke of Jesus’s deep longing to shepherd the crowd when they followed him while he was seeking a quiet place and moment. Jesus takes pity upon the crowd and teaches them even in his exhaustion. Jesus did this because the crowd had such a deep longing to be with him and he had such a great love for them. He shows mercy and compassion to the crowd, even though he was seeking a moment of peace and union with his father. We must have the longing of the crowd to be with Jesus and, as his disciples, we need to show his love, mercy and compassion to those who seek to know Jesus through each one of us. As the psalms teach us, if we have left sin behind, then we yearn for the love of the Lord. That love must be deep, abiding and the prime motivation of all our acts as believers. It must move us forward in our ascent of Mt Carmel.

Following mass, we were instructed in the virtue of humility. Humility is called the mother of all virtue. Self-knowledge and recognition of our relationship with God are sign posts on the road to true, authentic humility. Centering our life on God, valiant recognition of our faults and abilities, facing our sinful areas honestly and seek into remove them from our lives are signs of an authentic, interior, mature spirituality. The truly humble are free in spirit, laughing at themselves and their foolishness, but also rejoicing in the good that comes to others and in the abilities of others Other people are comfortable with the humble. There is no need to hide their faults, they are human and compassionate. Humility, a gift from the Spirit, is a state of being. The truly humble have no need to compete because they accept themselves as they are and believe with God’s grace, they can change.

On the contrary, the proud are easily wounded and discouraged.

This was our last meeting with Fr Ivan because Fr Rohan has returned to Denver. I am sure that we welcome Fr Rohan’s return.  The community is grateful to Fr Ivan for his care and instruction. We hope to see him again.  

The question and answer period, after Fr Ivan’s instruction, continued for a longer than normal time. So, we had 10 minutes of sacred silence instead of the usual Lectio Divina. Ida Rubin welcomed the guests. We had the prayer for vocations and Adrienne lead the grace before brunch.

After brunch, the business meeting began with Shirley McDermott shared her spiritual testimony concerning Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes.  This was moving and humbling. Shirley read us the Thanksgiving Prayer of St. Bernadette. It reminded me of how truly ungrateful I am for all the Lord has given me. The prayer also highlighted all the things Bernadette suffered because she gave testimony to what she had experienced. Quite a heart moving moment, I thought.

Mary Ho is leading a workshop on the Liturgy of the Hours that will cover the basics February 29,2020 1pm -3pm in the Peregrine I room by the bookstore and coffee shop at St Thomas More Parish. She is hoping to gather a group to lead the Liturgy of the Hours during meeting, after first training the group, in the way Fr Rohan has indicated. There will be another meeting in March, but she doesn’t know where yet. Please email Mary Ho if you intend coming on Feb. 29,2020.

David is still selling DVD’s and thumbnails of our Ceremonies, in November,2019 and the retreat in October,2019 by Fr Thomas. The money is going to the restoration of the altar at the monastery.

Char Feldkamp is our webmaster for the community’s website. The newsletter has been discontinued.

Please write or print your prayer intentions for the basket legibly. They want to accurately post your intentions, so the whole community might pray for them.

February 8,2020 was the last day to pay your annual dues to the community.

Those not eligible to vote, were led to a different room for formation. Those eligible voted in the straw vote and then proceeded to formation. All was performed as stipulated by the statutes of the Province.

The Salve Regina was sung and we were dismissed.

The Council did not meet. The meeting was postponed.

Written by the Acting Community Secretary

Mary Frances Kappel, OCDS    

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