CD Burner Ministry


To record talks at the annual retreat or at other venues sponsored by the community as requested by the President of the Community.

To create and distribute audio CDs for Community members to purchase after an event based on the audio recordings.


  • Obtain a digital recoding device with a microphone from a member of the community to use at the retreat or at an upcoming talk.  The device must be able to hold at least 6 hours of high-quality digital audio at one time.  Make an announcement to see if someone has one that can be used.  At some point, the Community may choose to purchase a device.
  • Test the device to make sure it records well from a distance as well as close up and that files can be downloaded onto a PC before it is used for an event.
  • Place the device with the microphone on the podium.  It is suggested that you tape the microphone down if possible.  When the speaker is ready, begin recording.  If the speaker is not going to use a podium, have someone in the front row hold the microphone or discuss clipping the microphone to the speaker’s clothing.

Materials needed

  • Audio CDs – not Data CDs or DVRs – these must be CDs used for recording music.  They can be purchased in bulk over the internet or in local stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy.  In general, one CD will be sufficient for a 30–60-minute recording.
  • Jewel Cases – These are the cases that the CDs are stored in.  These can be purchased in bulk over the internet or in local stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy.  In some instances, the cases and the CDs will be sold together.
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker or CD labels
  • Digital Recording Device with external microphone.  This is a small handheld device that allows for audio recording. The device must allow for download onto a PC and high-quality recording.  It also must be able to record and store six hours of high-quality digital audio on battery power. Personal computer with Windows Media Player or other media software (free).  You must have software that will allow you to import the digital audio from the recording device to your PC and the software on the PC must then allow you to burn an audio CD from this recording.