Definitive Promise

LITTLETON, CO - OCTOBER 3: Members of the secular order of Carmelites receive flowers following Mass at the Carmelite Monastery on October 3, 2017, in Littleton, Colorado. (Photo by Daniel Petty/Denver Catholic)

DEFINITIVE PROMISED live the evangelical counsels and the spirit of the beatitudes for life.

FORMATION II is for those candidates who have made the Temporary Promise and
are preparing to make the Definitive Promise.

The purpose of this period of formation is to prepare the candidate to embrace fully the
demands and rewards of living the way of life inspired by the Rule of St. Albert and
outlined in our O.C.D.S. Constitutions. “In the last three years of initial formation there is a deeper study of prayer, the scriptures, the documents of the Church, the saints of the
Order, and formation in the apostolate of the Order. At the end of these three years, the
applicant may be invited by the Council to make the definitive promise to live the
evangelical counsels and the spirit of the beatitudes for life” (O.C.D.S. Constitutions 36 d).

A. Human formation

  • Personal growth in humility, detachment and charity
  • Perseverance in commitments

B. Christian formation

  • Deeper understanding of scripture and the documents of the Church acquired
    through study and prayer (O.C.D.S. Constitutions 36d)
  • Growth in ability to discern the will of God and follow it (O.C.D.S.
    Constitutions 10) 7/21/06 19

C. Carmelite formation

  • Deeper prayer through study and practice
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of saints of the Order
  • Continuing study and integration of the O.C.D.S. Constitutions into daily life
    Internal preparation for the definitive promise

D. Formation for the Apostolate

    • Responsible participation in the community apostolate and the lay Christian
      apostolate (O.C.D.S. Constitutions 36d)
    • Willingness to serve and support the community


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