Temporary Promise

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TEMPORARY PROMISED live the evangelical counsels and the spirit of the beatitudes for  a period of three years.

FORMATION I is for those who have received the Scapular and are candidates in formation preparing to make the Temporary Promise.

The purpose of this stage of formation is to prepare to make the temporary promise (to follow the Evangelical Counsels and to live in the spirit of the Beatitudes) through the serious study of prayer, the scriptures, the documents of the Church, the saints of the Order, and formation in the apostolate of the Order. (cf. O.C.D.S. Constitutions 36 b, c, d) At the end of these two years, the applicant may be invited by the Council to make the temporary promise to live the evangelical counsels and the spirit of the beatitudes for three years.

A. Human formation

  • Learning how to put into practice the virtues of humility, detachment and charity.
  • Learning to persevere in commitments.

B. Christian formation

  • To follow Jesus as both precept and example, with Mary as our model.. (The Gospels; Marialis Cultus)
  • Beginning of internalization of the evangelical counsels and the beatitudes, through study and practice. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part Three, “Life in Christ” # 1701 – 1729.)

C. Carmelite formation

  • Understanding the Rule of St. Albert and O.C.D.S. Constitutions well enough to make an informed decision about undertaking the Promise and becoming a member of the order, especially the fundamental elements of the Teresian Carmelite Secular vocation as expressed in O.C.D.S. Constitutions 6 and 9.
  • Understanding and practice of prayer in the Teresian tradition. (Way of Perfection; Lectio Divina; Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part Four, “Christian Prayer.”)

D.  Formation for the Apostolate

  • Continued growth in service to the O.C.D.S. community through willingness to share time and talents.
  • Discerning priorities and motivations in service
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