Ceremony Liturgy Coordinator Ministry


To MC the Ceremony, arrange for Microphones and Recordings and coordinate all the Liturgical necessities

Two Months prior to the Retreat                                                                             

  • Put out sign-up sheets at the O.C.D.S. Meeting
    • For Ceremony Lectors and Altar Server

With the Music ministry

  • To determine the music appropriate for Ceremonies and Mass,
  • Provide Music information to the Formation Director for the inserts to the Program

With the Formation Director                                                      

  • Make arrangements
    • For the Ceremonies, Masses, and Sacristans
    • For relics, icons, statues, etc. for the from Ceremony from the O.C.D.S. Community                                                   
  • To Plan the daily Liturgy of the Hours (Morning)
    • Provide Liturgy of the Hours information to the Formation Director for inserts in the Program

Other duties                                                  

  • Find a Sacristan (only when the Ceremony is not held at the Monastry)
  • To check that microphones are working (if we choose to have the microphones)
  • To arrange for Photographs of the ceremony
  • To MC the Ceremony by making announcements when information and guidance are needed