Coffee Ministry


To make coffee and tea for the Community Monthly Meetings.


  • To arrive early by 7:30 AM to set up and make the coffee and hot water for the tea, so the coffee is brewing and the hot water is heated up before the 8:30 AM meeting begins.
  • To provide any supplies needed, such as:
    • Coffee and coffee filters
    • Tea
    • Sugar and artificial sweeteners
    • Half and Half, and various creamers (both dry and liquid)
    • Hot cups for coffee and tea, Cold smaller cups for cold juice beverages (provided by the food ministry)
  • Submit receipts of the supplies purchased to the Council for reimbursement.
  • To premeasure the coffee: 3 cups of coffee for 60 cups of water.
  • To use the smaller pot filled with water to the top mark for the tea.
  • To clean up after the meeting and take the 4 tubs home until the next meeting.
  • To replenish the supplies as needed. Half and Half and liquid creamers are purchased monthly.