To form the government of the community with the President and to support the director of formation.


Formation and Christian and Carmelite Maturing of the Members of the community (CC 46).

  • Attend Council Meetings frequently, at a minimum once a quarter
  • Exercise discernment in admitting candidates to formation, to first promise, to definite promise, and to give its
    consent to admit those called to vows (CC 36 b, c, d, 39; 47a).
  • For just motives with the consent of the Provincial, it may reduce the period of formation to the first promise (CC 47)
  • Receive a member transferring from another Community.
  • Be well versed in the Constitutions and Statutes and local documents that govern the OCDS.
  • Preserving fraternal communion
  • Promote confident dialogue at different levels within the community, other communities, provincial, etc..Assist the president
  • Assist the formation director
  • Convene the community every 3 years for elections of the new council (CC 47).
  • After Elections, appoint the community secretary and treasurer.
  • Dismissal of members and discerning together with a member who of their own accord wants to leave the community.