Formation Director – Ceremonies


To coordinate all Ceremonies, Masses, and Liturgy of the Hours with the July Celebration Coordinator


  • Will give the name and religious names of members being clothed, taking promises and vows to Pat who will make nametags for the members to the clothed.
  • Will give the name and religious names of members making Temporary, Definitive promises and vows to XXX who will make Certificates
  • Will make copies of the ceremonies for the July Celebration Coordinator and for each member being clothed, making promises and vows.
  • Will coordinate with the Scapular Ministry to receive scapular
  • To coordinate the purchase of crucifix, carmelite pins, candles, and roses
  • Will plan and setup for all the ceremonies
    • Clothed:  each member should receive large scapular, candle and rose; and should bring their bibles and constitutions
    • Temporary: each member should receive crucifix, candle and rose;
    • Definitive Promise: each member should receive Carmelite pin, candle, and rose
    • Vows: each member should receive brown rosary, candle and rose
  • Coordinate with the July Celebration Coordinator