Formation Director


To provide for the instruction of newcomers, and have the responsibility to prepare candidates for first and definitive
promises, in collaboration with the Spiritual Advisor. You will take the place of the President in the event of his/her absence.

Formation Responsibilities

  • Identify Formators and their Assistants
  • Guide Formators so that they are following the formation direction provided by the province
  • Identify Rooms, Formation Materials, etc… so that the community is prepared for their classes
    Formation Ceremony
  • Coordinate with Book Ministry to acquire books for formation
  • Make arrangements for acquiring relics, icons, statues, etc. from the O.C.D.S. Community
    When needed due to President absence convoke and preside over the meetings of the Community and Council
  • Provide an agenda for each meeting

Ceremonies Responsibilities

To coordinate all Ceremonies, Masses, and Liturgy of the Hours with the July Celebration Coordinator. Responsible for the formation ceremony.

  • To Provide name and religious name of members being clothed, taking promises and vows to XXX who will make name badges for the members to the clothed.
  • To provide name and religious names of members making Temporary, Definitive promises and vows to Pat who will make Certificates
  • Will coordinate with the Scapular Ministry to receive scapular
  • To coordinate the purchase of gifts crucifix, carmelite pins, candles, and roses, as follows:
    o Clothing: each member is presented the constitutions, large scapular, candle and rose.
    o Temporary Promise: each member is presented a crucifix, candle, and rose
    o Definitive Provise: each member is presented a Carmelite pin, candle and rose
    o Vow: each member is presented a brown rosary, candle, and rose
  • Will make copies of the ceremonies for the July Celebration Coordinator and for each member being clothed, making promises and vows.
  • Will plan and setup for all the ceremonies
    • Clothed:  each member should receive large scapular, candle and rose; and should bring their bibles and constitutionsTemporary: each member should receive crucifix, candle and rose;Definitive Promise: each member should receive Carmelite pin, candle, and rose
    • Vows: each member should receive brown rosary, candle and rose
  • Provide copies of the ceremony master document to read by those in the ceremonies
  • Coordinate the distribution of gifts for the ceremonies, program, certificates at the ceremonies
  • Provide guidance on the liturgy including songs, prayers of the faithful, and roles to fill.
  • Facilitate Practice and ceremonies.
  • Coordinate reception for the ceremony
  • Work with the Liturgy Coordinator
    • To make arrnagement for the Liturgy of the Celebration Mass
    • To update the Celebration Program