Formator Role

First Class

  • First Formation class for the year begins in August.
  • Hand out book and collect payment
  • Review Agenda/Syllabus


  • Keep a record of attendance each month by providing a sign-in sheet at start of class. (Attachment A)
  • Maintain a Yearly Attendance record (summary).  From the sign-in sheets record the monthly attendance, and report to the council secretary.  (Note: Council Secretary submits attendance to the Province) (Attachment B)
  • Inform class to let you (the formator) know if they will be absent for the meeting, formation, or both.  Partial attendance is considered an absence for the day
  • Remind class 3 absences are allowed for the year.
  • The fourth absences disqualified the individual from moving forward.   The fourth absence 1) disqualifies the individual from moving forward.  2) lose voting rights
  • Refer to Attachment – Formation Attendance Template

Class Agenda/Syllabus

  • Develop a Syllabus for your class
  • Review the Syllabus with the class and make sure they understand homework assignments and due dates


  • Collect homework each month.  It is recommended the Individual answer at least 3 questions from the home work assignment.
  • For Aspirants, Temporary Promise (Formation1, Year2), and Definitive Promise (Formation2, Year2) All homework through April must be submitted to the council in April for review and preparation for interviews.  May homework will be due in May, and will not be included in the interview process.

Personal Assessment Form

  • Provide Personal Assessment form to each individual at least twice a year
  • Refer to Sample Attachments 1) BasicReview 2) Review_Aspirants 3) Review_TemporaryPromise 4) Review_DefinitivePromise

Formation Report

  • Submit a Formation Report, for each individual, to the Council to be maintained in the individual’s file.
  • Submit the Formation Report for Aspirants, Temporary Promise (Formation 1, Year2) and Definitive Promise (Formation2, Year2)  to the Council in April for May and June interviews

Additional Notes