Lectio Divina Ministry


To practice Lectio Divina as a prayerful method of meditation by encouraging the members to incorporate this prayer into their own daily prayer life as required by our Constitutions


  • To assign Lectio Divina Leaders for the calendar year, from volunteers from the community with approval of the Council.
  • To call the Lectio Divina Leader who will lead Lectio at the next meeting approximately 2 weeks prior to the monthly meeting.
  • To give a Lectio Divina Packet to each Leader to serve as resource in performing the ministry.
  • To distribute a packet to the Lectio leaders containing all assignments and backup, instructions, and the Lectio Divina Leaders card.

Format for Lectio Divina

  • The Scripture passage used in the meditation each month is taken from one of the following Sunday’s readings
  • The Scripture passage should be 3 to 5 verses long, from the following Sunday’s readings. Any longer than this, and the listener may have difficulty concentrating on the specifics