Lectio Divina

The practice of lectio can lead seamlessly into the practice of quiet prayer.

LECTIO (Reading)

Read a very short passage of Scripture aloud,
slowly and attentively

  • Sit quietly for a moment.
  •  Retell the passage accurately, each person repeating a word or phrase from the passage until it has been retold.
  • Listen in silence for a minute or two.

MEDITATIO (Meditation)
Chew the food; friendliness

  • Read the selected passage aloud again.
  • In silence, let Jesus speak to each person about the
    meaning of the passage for him or her, or its
    meaning in today’s world for three or four minutes.
  • Share aloud the insights received.
  • Reflect on the insights in silence for another three
    or four minutes.
  • ORATIO (Prayer)
    Swallow the food; friendship
     Read the passage of Sacred Scripture aloud a third
    time, slowly and attentively.
     In silence, ask, “What response does this passage
    of Scripture call forth from me to God?”
     Make the response from your heart.
     Spontaneous prayers may be spoken.
     Pray in silence for about five minutes.
    CONTEMPLATIO (Contemplation)
    Taste the fullness of the Word; union of life
     Read the short passage a final time.
     Rest in the presence of the Word, allowing the
    Holy Spirit to speak to your deepest self in and
    through the silence, for another five minutes.