Library Book Lending Ministry


To provide O.C.D.S. members with books on Carmelite saints and spirituality to borrow, read, and return when they are finished reading the books


  • To bring the Lending Library books to all the Community monthly meetings.  The Lending Library books are stored at home.
  • To provide a sign-up sheet for checking out the books.  Only O.C.D.S. members can check out books, not visitors.
  • To inform members that the books are to be returned in a timely manner.
  • To accept donations and give a receipt to the individual if requested
  • To make labels for the books indicating the books are the property of the O.C.D.S. Community
  • To make a yearly inventory of the contents of the Lending Library books so as to check on non-returned items
  • To gently remind members who have non-returned items for a long period of time to return the items.
  • To order/purchase new books.  To submit the receipts to the Council for reimbursement