Liturgy of the Hours Ministry


To coordinate the Liturgy of the Hours for Monthly Meetings and Retreats

Responsibilities for Coordinator/Presider                                                                              

  • To determine, one month ahead, the prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours.
  • To discuss with the President which prayers to be selected, especially these prayers for an optional Feast day or Memorial, Marian Feast Day, or Carmelite Feast Day or Memorial.
  • To record the page numbers for the prayers in each of the one volume and four volume Christian Prayer Books
  • To call the Cantors, the week of the meeting, or sooner, to verify their attendance and review the page numbers, antiphons, etc.
  • To write the page numbers on the board for the Community the day of the monthly meeting before the meeting begins.
  • To review the day of the meeting before the meeting starts the overall prayers, pages, etc. with the Cantors if needed.
  • For the Retreat, the Coordinator/Presider needs to contact, choose, and review with more than two Cantors. The Liturgy of Hours Coordinator/Presider will coordinate the Liturgy of the Hours during the Retreat with the Retreat Liturgy Coordinator.

Selection of Presider and Cantors

  • To be selected by the Council
  • To select those members who have made their Temporary Promise, so that they will become more familiar with the Liturgy f the Hours and s that the Community will become acquainted with the members.
  • The Presider should retain the position for at most three years so that they will become very familiar with the Liturgy f the Hours and acquire leadership skills.