Meeting Setup Ministry


To setup chairs and tables for the Monthly Community Meeting according to plan.


  1. Begin the Setup about 7:15 – 7:30, so that the other ministries can set-up starting at 7:45am
  2. Place the ALTAR on ‘white board-side’ of room facing 25 chairs left and 25 chairs right with an aisle between them and with an aisle along both sides.  Make sure there is enough space for Father to genuflect during the Mass.  Make sure there is enough space in front of the Altar for the Extraordinary Ministers.
  3. Place the ‘risers’ under the legs of the altar
  4. Place a chair in front right corner for the music ministry Cello.
  5. Place the podium to the left of the altar
  6. Check to see that the microphone is turned on and working
  7. Please the ‘credence table’
  8. Place along the ‘window side’ of the room one table for the Book Ministry and one table for the Lending Library Ministry and CD Tape Ministry.  The Stand for the St. Teresa of Avila painting is place between the two tables
  9. When needed, place two tables for food along the ‘other white board side’ of room
  10. Setup 6 round tables with chairs for snack and business meeting
  11. Setup two single tables outside the entrance of the room for announcements, sign-in sheet, and music sheet
  12. Setup donation box on counter inside of room
  13. Place 1 round table in front of coffee area for drinks, cups, tea.
  14. Check that the Formation Room doors are open:  115, 117, 118, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219

General Information

  • The setup is on file with the custodians
  • Contact Maintenance when doors are locked