Newsletter Ministry


To compile and edit monthly Newsletter contributions


  • Collects information
    • Meditation for month from Meditation contributor
    • Father’s Spiritual Direction (Reflection)
    • General Meeting minutes from Secretary
    • Calendar of Carmelite Saints from Carmelite Calendar
    • Prayers from Community Meeting from Recorders
  • Edit Information
    • Correct punctuation and spelling
    • User consistent format
    • Insert relevant pictures
  • Send for proof reading
  • Send out to Community via email


  • 2nd Saturday Meeting
  • By 3rd Saturday collect all information listed in #1
  • By 4th Saturday send for proof reading
  • By 5th Saturday send out to Community via email

Editing constraints

  • Half inch margins, no header or footer
  • Font size – 12
  • Meditation – one page
  • Pictures respectful and relevant to Carmelite Format
  • 2 page total (back and front)
  • Header: Secular Discalced Carmelites of the Holy Spirit, Denver, CO Vol. Number, Date


  • Reflection by Spiritual Assistant
  • General Meeting Minutes by Secretary of Council
  • Meditation by selected writers
  • Prayer Recorders by assigned members
  • Proof Reader O.C.D.S. member

Back up Coordinator to fill in when Coordinator is unable to perform their duties