Retreat Committee Coordinator


To coordinate the duties of the Music Ministry, Liturgy of the Hours Ministry, Liturgy Coordinator Ministries, and the O.C.D.S. Ceremonies, general retreat activities, and the communication with the Retreat Center so that the Retreat proceed smoothly.


  • To oversee the planning work and be sure everything is done in a timely manner.
  • To call meetings for Committee and keep track of the timeline
  • To review all work done by the Committee members before the work is finalized.
  • To be the contact person for the Retreat Facility
  • To arrange for rooms at the Retreat Facility for confession/spiritual direction 
  • To arrange for rooms and set up of chairs for the Sacred Space and Conference Hall at the Retreat
  • To reserve the Sisters’ Chapel for the Rosary and Divine Mercy Novena 
  • To type the first draft of the Retreat Schedule and obtain the approval of the Retreat Schedule
  • To send the first draft of the Retreat Schedule to the Retreat Assistant Coordinator and Liturgy Coordinator, who has received the Music selectins and Liturgy of the Hours information    
  • Final draft done by Retreat Assistant Coordinator 
  • To prepare the Retreat Registration Form with the Registrar (see Registrar duties for particulars)  
  • To put out the Retreat Registration Forms at the July O.C.D.S. Meeting (3 months prior to Retreat)  
  • To send out a copy of the Retreat Registration Form to all participating groups other than O.C.D.S. Denver
  • To work with the Front Desk Employee during the Retreat
  • To find a volunteer to bring the cake and flowers before the Retreat   
  • To check that the Formation Director has made arrangements
    • with the Book Ministry for the Formation books to be sold at the Retreat
    • to host and transport the Retreat Master    
  •  To check with the Liturgy Coordinator that
    • EM and Lector sign-up sheets are put out at the August O.C.D.S. Meeting (2months prior to Retreat)
    • Liturgy of the Hours, Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer (Presider and 2 Cantors for each) sign-up sheets are put out at the August O.C.D.S. Meeting (2 months prior to Retreat)
    • All night Adoration sign-up sheet put out at Retreat. (If there is to be all night Adoration).
    • Spiritual Bouquet Sheets for priests put out at Retreat
    • Has created and put up at the Retreat the sign-up sheets for Confessions outside the door for Confessions
    • Has put out at the August O.C.D.S. meeting the sign-up sheet for the Leaders of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet
    • To decide with the Retreat Committee if a gift will be given to the Retreat Master
  • To write Thank You Cards with
    • Stipend Checks for the priests and
    • Donation for the use of the Sister’s Chapel
  • To pay Retreat Center and reimburse all members for Retreat expenses.
  • To determine where the Retreat will be held two years in advance and put down the deposit to reserve the Retreat.
  • To assess the Retreat with the Retreat Committee
  • T prepare a Retreat Financial Report to be submitted to the O.C.D.S. Council
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