Retreat Formation Director


To coordinate all Ceremonies, Masses, and Liturgy of the Hours with appropriate persons, in the event Ceremonies are held during the Retreat


  • Will give the names and religious names of members being clothed, taking promises, and vows to the Retreat Committee Assistant Coordinator, who will make name tags for the members to be clothed
  • Will make copies of the ceremonies for the Retreat Master and for each member being clothed, taking promises, and vows.
  • Will plan and set-up all the ceremonies
    • Friday, during Liturgy of Hours
      • Clothing: each member needs their bible, the constitutions, large scapular, candle, and rose.
    • Saturday, during Mass
      • Temporary Promise: each member needs a crucifix, candle, and rose
      • Definitive Promise: each member needs a Carmelite pin, candle, and rose.
      • Vow: each member needs a brown rosary, candle, and rose
  • With the Liturgy Coordinator
    • Make arrangements for the Ceremonies, Masses
    • Make arrangements for acquiring relics, icons, statues, etc. from the O.C.D.S. Community
  • With the Retreat Committee Coordinator
    • Make arrangements with the Book Ministry for the Formation books to be sold at the Retreat
    • Host and transport the Retreat Master