Retreat Registrar


To prepare a Retreat Registration Form and distribute the Forms at the O.C.D.S. Meetings and to the Communities/Groups


  • To prepare the Retreat Registration Form with the Retreat Coordinator
    • The Retreat Registration Form includes the Retreat Information: date, time, place, cost, name of Retreat Master, Spiritual Name of person registering, and deadline for registration.
    • At the bottom of the Retreat Registration Form includes to whom to make out the checks (O.C.D.S. of the Holy Spirit) and to whom to send checks (registrar/Treasurer with their phone number and address)
    • Also, a phone number of who to call in case of emergency must be on the form.
  • To distribute the Retreat Registration Forms
    • at the O.C.D.S. Meeting (three months prior to the Retreat)
    • by mail/email to neighboring O.C.D.S. Communities/Groups who plan on attending
    • to non-members invited with approval of the Council
  • To give to the President the names of O.C.D.S members who have not registered for the Retreat.
  • The Registrar/Treasurer with the Retreat Coordinator determine if someone is in need of financial assistance