Sacristan Ministry


To arrange the Priest’s Vestments, to prepare the Altar and Credence Table for the Mass, and to set up and store the Sacred Vessels, Vestments, and Altar supplies


  • To arrive at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the Monthly Meeting.
  • There should be two Sacristans in case one is unable to attend a monthly meeting.
  • To help the Mass Kit Coordinator unpack the Sacred Vessels, Vestments, and Alter supplies; which are stored in St Thomas More School basement.
  • The Sacristan covers the Altar with the Table Cloth to cover the front of the Altar and then places the Altar Cloth on Top of the Table Cloth.
  • The Sacristan arranges the Crucifix (center of Altar), the two lit Candles (on left and right), the Corporal (opened at center of Altar for the Consecration), and the Missal (on the Altar).
  • The Sacristan arranges the Credence Table with the Sacred Vessels (Chalice and Communion Cups with pre-poured wine), Ciborium with predetermined number of hosts, Purificators, Cruets with water and wine, and Bowl for water.
  • The Sacristan (or altar server) assists Father with vesting. The Vestments were placed in room 102 (room off St Francis Room) from the garment bag and laid out for the Celebrant.
  • At the commencement of the Offertory, the Sacristan (Altar Server) will bring the Chalice, Communion Cups, Purificators, and Ciborium with predetermined number of hosts.
  • The Altar Server brings the water Cruet to the Altar for the Priest to pour a couple of drops of water into each of the Chalices.
  • For the Washing of Hands (Lavabo) the Altar Server brings the water Cruet and a towel to the Altar for the Priest. The Altar Server pours the water over the Priest’s hands.
  • At the end of Mass, the Altar Server processes with Father to room 120. He assists Father with the Vestments and places the Vestments in the garment bag.
  • At the close of the meeting, the Sacristan helps the Mass Kit Coordinator to pack up all items used for the Mass.