Council Secretary


Record the minutes of the Council meetings, respecting the confidentiality of the proceedings. You are to keep the
community register and other records at all times. This includes having charge of the record books of the elections, and of admissions to the Secular Order, to the Promise and the Vows. You are to keep these up to date, and to present them to the Council and to the community at appropriate times.


Record minutes of Council Meetings

  • Distribute minutes to council for comments/approval
  • Approved Minutes to be filed in Council Records
  • Keep Community Register (aka Roster)
    • Keep updated community register. A copy is to be available for each council meeting.
      o Complete Form C (notice of change of address) for each move and send a copy to central office, and file a
      copy for the council records.
      o Complete Form D (deceased member) when a member of our community dies, send a copy to central
      office, and file a copy for the council records.
      o Transfer Form – original when completed is sent to central office, one copy is sent to each community or
      group affected, and filed in the member’s record
  • Keep records of Elections
    • Complete X Form and send a copy to central office and file a copy in the community records.
  • Keep records of the Admissions
    • Complete Form A (application to be filled out just prior to Clothing) for each aspirant
    • Complete Form B (Ceremonial) for each person who will be received or makes a vow or promise.
    • Complete Delegation of Faculties Form – for anyone not approved by province
  • Keep records of the Attendance
    • Provide Attendance Sheet at Each Meeting/Event
    • Provide Record of Attendance to Election Committee and Council