To have charge of, and administer the funds collected under the direction of the Council and keep accurate financial records.


  • Manage the O.C.D.S. Bank Account
    • Signatory on the account
    • Manage credit/debit cards
    • Obtain Monthly Statements of the Account
  • Administer the funds collected in the account
    • Write checks form the O.C.D.S. Bank Account for the following:
      o Facilities (STM, and the Monastery)
      o Spiritual Advisor
      o Uganda and Tanzania Missions
      o Retreat Center, Retreat Master, Priests for Confessions at Retreat, Approved expenditures by the Retreat
      Committee consistent with their budget, request of the Retreat Coordinator
      o Ceremony gifts, printing, food
      o Budgeted items identified by the Council; printing, flowers, gifts
  • Manage Cash received for dues, books, donations, retreat, etc…
    • Work with Assistant Treasurer to document monies received at the community meeting
    • Deposit Cash each month
  • Keep accurate financial records
    • Photo copy all checks before depositing in the O.C.D.S. Bank Account
    • Save all deposit slips and keep accurate records of deposits and withdrawals
    • Report Financial Status to the council every 6 months
    • Report Financial Status to the community and Province once a year.
  • Assist council with yearly budget.
  • Assist Retreat Committee in determining cost decisions and cost per registrant.
  • Attend to the needs of the poor.